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Win RM50 Shopping Credit

Potboy Mart is Coming To Town~ 💜
But here’s one question: WHERE??

Shopping Credit worth RM3,500 to be WON!!

🎁🎁Prize RM50 Shopping Credit X 5 winners every day for 14 days! 🎁🎁

YESSSS!!! You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! 14 days of winners!!!

From 19/2/2021 until 4/3/2021

To Participate:
1. Like Potboy Groceries FB Page AND Follow their Instagram page (@potboy_groceries)

2. Like the contest Post

3. Share the Post along and write down where you want us to open Potboy Mart with this sentence on the caption:

“I wish to have Potboy Mart at [location] because….”

example: “I wish to have Potboy Mart at [location] because I want to always have Potboy close to me, like how Potboy is always in my heart. 💜

4. Post it on your FB with the hashtags #PotboyMart #PotboyMartIsComingToTown

5. Tag 10 Friends in the post

6. Screenshot your post and put it in the comment section of this post along with the link to the post

*Multiple entries are allowed. Try to be as creative as you can to get our attention!!!

*5 Winners Announcement Daily At Night

Click here to JOIN and WIN Now

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