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BEER MAD新推出三只螃蟹才RM58而已

  🦀🦀 BEER MAD 新推出 🦀🦀 【喝了酒🍺又着火🔥的螃蟹,你吃过没❓三只才RM58而已‼️】 《瓦煲🔥火焰醉蟹》一点火再打开瓦煲盖,酒香四溢~螃蟹本身的鲜美被啤酒激发出淋漓极致,每一口都尝到醇香又略带鲜甜,只是吸着吃就让你一口上天!滋味实在美妙! 食客们纷纷好评:“瓦煲火焰醉蟹是近几年来吃过最好吃的螃蟹,没有之一!”   点击了解BEER MAD新推出三只螃蟹才RM58而已

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Tea Tree & Green Tea Skin Care Promo

  Purify & keep your skin oil-free with Naturals by Watsons Tea Tree & Green Tea Skin Care. 💚💚Formulated with certified organic ingredients to deliver smoother & clearer skin without compromising skin’s moisture. Watsons...

65523901 10158521401729409 5846142774159605760 n - Shine Control -Cezanne Make Retouch Base

Shine Control -Cezanne Make Retouch Base

  [ONLY AT WATSONS] Run out of ways to get rid of oily face? 😕 Give Cezanne Make Retouch Base a shot! 🙌 Just apply onto oily spot of face and DONE!😎 Get yours from selected #WatsonsMalaysia stores 👉 or...

62419125 2252937881426246 8389418833990909952 n - Free Street Borne Merchandise

Free Street Borne Merchandise

  Hit the streets in style when you fuel up with Havoline®, Delo® or Techron® lubricants! Get free and exclusive Street Borne windbreakers, bags, and caps while stocks last! For more info, visit

64503632 2395222994063347 6084686700888457216 n - Which Type are You?

Which Type are You?

  We prefer deodorant stick as it dries fast! Nivea works with over 50 institutions around the world to ensure the products are suitable for our skin. How cool is that? Check the...