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MyFM @ Win KFC Voucher

KFC有奖送!即日起至2018年6月1日,只要在KFC消费并上传你的KFC收据。主办单位将会从中选出标语最具创意的幸运儿,并根据收据上的数额以现金奖的方式奖励你!想要赢取现金奖及价值RM100的KFC优惠券的朋友,现在就点击以下链接了解参赛详情和参加吧!   >>> Click to get details for MyFM @ Free KFC Voucher <<< 

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Involve Asia @ Ramadan Mubarak 2018

If you own a blog/website that would like to gain your income. Here’s your chance to receive big cash payments for your referrals! With our InvolveAsia’s Referral Program, you can earn up to MYR...


Honor @ Win Honor 10

Step one to be a trendsetter – owning a trendsetting phone! YASSS. Here’s how you could win one!


Redbox @ RM9 Net

一口价‼ RM9 nett‼ SHOCKING DEAL‼ 🔥🔥 来了!来了!全马Red Box和Green Box Karaoke 最疯狂的一口价shocking deal来了!狂唱3小时每人只需RM9 nett ‼ #包括一杯饮料 #没有隐藏收费 赶快jio唱k buddy一起去唱🎤到high翻天呗! 🔥🔥 Let’s karaoke at Red Box, Green Box & Red Box Plus Karaoke with RM9 nett/...

B-E event @ Menangi Stroller bernilai RM1,696

【Menangi Stroller bernilai RM1,696! 】 Pesta Ramadan Barangan Bayi kini kembali lagi di Dewan Persidangan, Presint 3, Putrajaya pada 24 – 29 Mei 2018 10pagi – 10malam! Datanglah beramai-ramai untuk menikmati offer paling best...


Haier @ Hari Raja Contest

Take part in our Raya Goals Galore contest from 15 May – 31 July and walk away with amazing gifts! When you purchase selected Haier products, you’ll receive exclusive gifts including our limited edition...

Shopee @ Guess The Price

Shopee @ Guess The Price

  Guess what?! This #AIMAZING phone is looking for an owner. Want to be the first to own it? All you need to do is to guess how much will the honor 10 be. Isn’t it...

Ezerra @ Free Ezerra Liquid

Ezerra @ Free Ezerra Liquid Have you tried Ezerra revolutionary Liquid Talc? Infused with all-natural active ingredients to relieve prickly heat even for day-old infants, here’s your chance to experience the magic of Ezerra!...


Asahi @ Free Mini Can

The world’s first karakuchi beer takes on a new form in an Asahi Mini Can 135ml. Take one home with every purchase of Asahi 4-can pack countrywide. Also available online at Winetalk. Winetalk:

MBO @ Win DeadPool2 Merchandise

Want to win #MYDeadpool2 merchandise? Get tickets to the movie at and mobile app now. Here’s the plan… 1. Comment the name of the actor and actress who plays Domino and Peter in...

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