Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

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Win RM50 Cash Voucher 

93788375 3030641163683475 5822841236549009408 o - Win RM50 Cash Voucher 
Hehe, the most brain twisting math quiz RM50 Cash VoucherGive Away
#BlackWhaleStayAtHomeCampaign8Do you know the answer

All u have to do is
1. Count the answer of A & B
2. T A G3person
3. S H A R E the contest post to your timeline or IG Story!!

Play this mini game with Black Whale MSIA & get a chance to win RM50 Cash Voucher

Ps. Only 1 winner will randomly selectedAnd, do stay behind our FB n IG This Saturday 25/4 (8pm), we will bring you infinite joy and surprise

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