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The moment youve been waiting for is finally here! Welcome to the Tropicana Extra Experience Trivia Contest, where one lucky winner will WIN the highly coveted iPhone 12 by getting all the trivia questions right.

Show us how much youve learned about our 4 townships and 7 developments through our Tropicana Extra Experience video tours with these trivia questions below:

1. Where can you enjoy a city view or if youre lucky, some units even have a beautiful golf course view?
2. In which township will you find a 9.2-acre iconic Urban Park dedicated for leisure and recreation in Subang Jaya?
3. Fill in the blanks: In Elemen Residences, Tropicana Aman, the dual-frontage layout type is exclusive to the ________ homes. For a more traditional or conventional layout, you can explore our ______ homes.
4. Lakefield Residences, Tropicana Heights consists of how many limited and exclusive units of double- and triple-storey link villas?
5. True or False: Triana Shop Offices is located in the self-contained township of Tropicana Aman.
6. Which Tropicana development is your favourite, and why?

Dont forget to let your friends know about this trivia contest!1f609 - Win iPhone 12

Missed the videos? Watch them all below:
Tropicana Metropark: (EN)http://bit.ly/MetroparkExtraExperience, (CN)http://bit.ly/MetroparkExtraExperienceCN
Tropicana Gardens: (EN)http://bit.ly/GardensExtraExperience, (CN)http://bit.ly/GardensExtraExperienceCN
Tropicana Aman: (EN)http://bit.ly/AmanExtraExperience, (CN)http://bit.ly/AmanExtraExperienceCN
Tropicana Heights: (EN)http://bit.ly/HeightsExtraExperience, (CN)http://bit.ly/HeightsExtraExperienceCN
Triana Shop Offices, Tropicana Aman:http://bit.ly/TrianaExtraExperience

Hurry! Contest ends 30th November 2020. Terms and conditions apply:https://bit.ly/35rP0oc

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