Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

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This is a Mother’s Day Giveway for Mamas by Mamas.

You can find all the details to the giveaway at this link, you need to join on Instagram:
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Basically, what you stand a chance to win are these 3 things:
1. Something for the mama:
Either a beautiful paper flower frame by @thegoodpaperco or a custom painting by @naya_by_a
2. Something for the mama to keep her LO busy and playing with:
Connetix Car Pack by @buenoblocks
3. Something for the mama to help in this motherhood journey:
A 3-session coaching set by @realmumscry
(this is from myself, we will get to work on one goal of your choice together)

I am a certified Life Coach with primary experience in coaching parents in their parenthood journey. I had stopped actively coaching since the MCO started, because of the uncertainty of how much time I can set aside to do it. However, what I can is to carve out time to do this for 2 mamas who win this giveaway.

I am going to ramble on a bit because Ive had quite a few people ask me what Parent Coaching is if they win it. It is about helping you come to your own in this journey, not by expectations from society, but from what you truly believe and understand. I will help you find your conviction behind the goals you set and work towards reaching something achievable.

I strongly believe in parenting with your given authority because I believe that every one of us are given our set of child(ren) by design and not by accident. So you do have it in you and you have what it takes to win in parenthood!

At the same time, we will keep things real and not ignore the reality of parenthood, which is the reason why I started my Instagram account in the first place. You probably can tell from the handle/username that I have chosen

So, go ahead, and enter the giveaway on my Instagram. And also support the other mamas in their small local businesses (check out how pretty and how amazing their products are!).

(Opened to residents in Malaysia and Singapore!)

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