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GSC @ 捉妖記2 人日大放送! 

大年初七 #捉妖記2 人日大放送!
從2月22號至28號購買 《捉妖記2》戲票,把票根載圖或拍下,在留言以下展示(把QR Code & Confirmation Code 蓋掉喔!),就有機會贏取限量版胡巴公仔或鑰匙圈!

Buy your #MonsterHunt2 tickets in GSC starting from 22-28 February and show us your ticket stubs/booking confirmation screenshot in the comment below to stand a chance to win this adorable Wuba doll or keychain! (For online booking screenshot, remember to cover your QR Code and Confirmation Number!)

Contest ends 28 February, so hurry up! Remember, only tickets purchased from 22- 28 February is eligible for this special giveaway! 留意喔,只有22-28號的票根才有機會贏取喔! 

Click HERE to join the contest!

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