Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

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情人节送口红特惠 | 豹黑糖 馬來西亞

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🥤买奶茶, 送口红💄

凡是购买饮料的情侣都可参加此活动哦~ 🥰

1. 点赞我们面子书专页👍
2. 分享此贴子并设定为公开,写下 #BaoHeiTangValentinesContest
3. 在此帖子的留言区放上收据和饮料的照片💕
4. 我们将在星期一(17th Feb 2020)公布3位口红幸运儿哦!

*口红牌子有YSL, Dior, 还有Channel~你还不来抢吗‼️

🥤 Buy Drinks and Get Free Lipstick 💄

「Valentine’s Special Promo🌹」Every drinks only cost at【RM5.20】!
Every couple that purchase the drink is allow to participate this contest🥰.

👆Steps for winning Free Lipstick :
1. Like our Facebook Page
2. Share this post, set your post as public and written with #BaoHeiTangValentinesContest
3. Upload the picture of our drinks and receipts to the comment session. 💕
4. We will announce three lipstick winner on 17th Feb 2020!

*Brands for the lipsticks are YSL, Dior, and Channel~ No more hesitation, participate and win your free lipstick now‼️

*T&C Apply
*All drinks are cost at RM5.20, except Yogurt Series Drink, regular size only


点击了解及参与情人节送口红特惠 | 豹黑糖 馬來西亞

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